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Benefits of Hair, beard, and body Mist?

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Benefits of Hair, beard, and body Mist?

We cannot deny the fact that Cologne actually completes your dressing. Not long ago, Personal hygiene was restricted to the cleanliness of the body only. But not anymore, body cologne is also among the most important aspects of personal hygiene. From head to toe, Body colognes today are available for all parts, and in numerous fragrances and types. The main type of cologne includes permanent spray, oils, and newly introduced and the most widely used called “mists”. Let’s talk about some of the mists, that are available for hair, beard, and the body. Also, the benefits of consuming those mists from consumers.

What is a Hair Mist? 

Hair mist is a cologne or a fragrance that is developed solely for your hair. It is a newly introduced product for consumers that want a fresh look for their hair. Many consumers were using skin colognes on hair which were making the hairs dry and frizzy. Therefore, hair mists are introduced, which are helping with, not only the fragrances but also keeping the hairs in style. Just like normal skin or cloth colognes, the hair mist is also used, after the dressing and styling of the hairs.

Benefits of Hair Mists

  • Hair mists keep a fragrant trail.
  • They are handy and can easily be kept in a pocket.
  • Hair mists also keep the hairs in style.
  • Hair mists give a refreshing look to hairs.
  • For all the wet look lovers, Hair mist gives a really attractive wet look to hairs.
  • Unlike traditional hair oils, Hair mists keep the hair in style even after Blow drying or Straighteners.

Some of the top celebrities around the globe are suggesting the use of hair mists. With so many traits (Hairstyling, Wet, and long-lasting fresh look) in a single handy bottle. Hair mists are undoubtedly a Must Try.  you can find the best hair mist in Pakistan at the official store of Souk Galleria. Besides that many international brands such as Body Shop, Victoria Secret, etc are selling body mists online.  


The best gift a man could have for his face is a clean and healthy beard. The twenty-First century contributed a lot to men’s fashion. Among all the contributions, the finest mainstream is the beard. It not only gives an attractive look to the face but many influencers are calling the beard Man’s MANE (Like of a Lion). With beard in fashion, more and more beard care products are being introduced in the market, and that is where the beard mist steps in.

Nowadays, top consumers product manufacturers around the world are introducing such beard care products. Darhi Moch, thrive-co AL-OUD, and beard OUD by Souk Galleria are the best beard mists in Pakistan. These products are easily available on the web, with home delivery services with a single click. the beard mists are available in a wide range. 

Benefits of beard Mists 

Beard mist is a really beneficial product, let us discuss some of the benefits of listed below: 

  • Unlike oils, Beard Mist gives refreshing look to the beard.
  • It also provides a rejuvenating look.
  • Give a clean luster look.
  • Not only takes care of the health of the hair but also provides a soothing look to your skin underneath.
  • Also saves skin from sunburn and dryness.
  • Some manufacturers claim that regular use of a good beard mist helps in the growth of facial hair.

Beard is becoming very popular among the grooms as well, and a lot of grooms are preferring beard mists on their big day. Almost every parlor has a beard mist as their essential make-up item for the grooms. The trend of giving a beard mist to your friend is also kicking in.

What is Body Mists? 

A good perfume costs as much as its fragrance longevity. As much as appealing they are nobody can deny the fact that a good perfume costs a fortune. This is one of the main factors behind introducing a body mist. Body mists are newly introduced, less expensive than perfumes, and a better alternative to deodorants. With the introduction of body mists, the colognes or the good fragrance is now affordable for the community class as well. 

Benefits of Body Mists 

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Body mists.

  • It’s affordable
  • It is long-lasting than traditional deodorants
  • It’s the lighter version of the perfume
  • They are softer and lighter
  • Are less concentrated
  • Have a really delicate smell.
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