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Avail alcohol based hand sanitizer to protect against unwanted viruses

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Hand sanitizers are generally used for cleaning hands against the germs like bacteria, other microorganisms. Cleaning of hands is required to remove the germs from hands, so that diseases cannot attack human body out of the micro organisms. The hand sanitizers are basically produced with alcohol. So, alcohol based hand sanitizer can remove nearly 99.99% germs on hands. Hand Sanitizer may be available in gel, foam or liquid form. Hand sanitizer is also known as hand disinfectant, hand antiseptic or hand rubs. 

Solution of removal of germs

The hand sanitizers are used to clean hands from microorganisms. But, if the hands are greasy, then hands will not be sanitized or cleaned. Hands are the main parts of body that touch all objects and hands get dirty and may be contaminated with micro organisms. Therefore, people may wash hands with soap and water. Various micro organisms may be removed with soap water. Alcohol based hand sanitizer can remove nearly 99.99% of germs on hands. Alcohol based hand sanitizers can remove certain category of germs and not all category of micro organisms. Recently Covid 19 virus has covered whole world and many people were affected with the unknown virus. The spreading with the virus is possible with touch with affected people. The virus of Covid 19 can be removed from hands with alcohol based hand sanitizer. Therefore, it is vital to use this type of hand sanitizer to wipe out the virus of Covid 19.

Manufacturing of the products  

There are various reputed brands of hand sanitizers in India. No scars are such brand to launch best sanitizers in India. It is important to use hand sanitizer to remove all dirt or strains on hands. Therefore, many reputed brands have launched hand sanitizers to protect Indians from various diseases. In India, alcohol based hand sanitizer is widely manufactured for cleaning hands. The alcohol based hand sanitizes contain 60% -80% of alcohol of different forms. General hand sanitizer does not contain alcohol and is generally used to rinse hands from dirt. But, alcohol based hand sanitizer can remove certain category of microorganisms very well. The unknown virus of Covid 19 can be killed on hands by alcoholic hand sanitizer. In the pandemic world, everyone has to carry bottle of alcoholic hand sanitizer. It has to use on hands before eating, so that the hands cannot touch face or mouth or food.


It is already known that viruses exist everywhere and people may get contaminated at any time anywhere. So, humans have to be cautious about the concept of contamination.  Before having food, everyone has to wash hands properly to get rid of diseases. In the recent pandemic world,people has to wash hands with alcohol based hand sanitizer before food to remove the strain of Covid 19.This is very common concept in the recent pandemic world that hands have to be washed by soap and water thoroughly or to use hand sanitizer which is alcohol based.This is the one way to protect humans from the viruses.

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