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All about engagement rings

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People get engaged with each other at romantic locations using a special ring. This type of ring is called an engagement ring. It symbolises their love and bond.

Different types of engagement rings-

One must know the different options that the market is providing before making a choice. The most common types of betrothal rings preferred by people are:

i) Solitaire ring- These are the most commonly used engagement rings. These rings consist of a huge single stone that is generally a diamond. Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire are also preferred by people to make it look extravagant.

ii) Marquise ring- This ring was quite prominent in the mediaeval era among the monarchs. This was invented when King Louis IV wanted to resemble a “pretty woman’s lips” in the form of a ring. The ring is oval in shape with sharp cuts at both ends.

iii) Three stone ring- This type of ring consists of three stones, each symbolising fidelity, love and friendship they share with their partner or the past, the present and the future.

iv) Bezel ring- This type of ring consists of any type of stone in any shape layered or covered with platinum on the outside. This makes it look fancy. It is covered with platinum so as to prevent injuries and damages caused to dresses because of hard stones like ruby and sapphire.

v) Princess ring- This is the simplest yet classiest type of ring still used by people who prefer a minimalistic wedding. It consists of a single square-shaped stone that has soft edges. It is lightweight and costs less than the other types of rings.

How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

Decide on the stone-

The first thing to do when you want to propose to your partner is to decide on the type of stone that best symbolises your love for your partner. For example- it is generally said that diamond, the most common type, stands for pure love, Ruby for strong and toxic love, sapphire for genuine and long-lasting love, emerald for innocent love and topaz for new love. One must also consider the budget and then choose the stone accordingly.

Examine the stone in different light sources-

Before making a choice on the type of stone, it is very important to see the lustre of the stone in different light settings. For example- Ruby shines very brightly in sunlight and not so much at night. Sapphire shines all the time. Emerald has a dull lustre compared to others but gives an aesthetic appeal.

Size of the ring-

One must know the size of their partner’s finger before taking any major steps to avoid chaos at the time of engagement. There are different ways to know the ring size of your partner without their notice. Some of them include sneaking an old ring of your partner, asking their parents or friends, etc. Some people prefer taking their partner to the store directly to choose the ring of their liking.


This is the most important factor as it solely decides the outcome of the ring. Some people like minimalistic colours like silver and gold, while some like aesthetic colours like rose gold. Some people like to be extravagant and choose a combination of colours. It is important to know what your partner likes before heading into customisation.


This is the final step where the budget, stone, size, and colour of the ring are chosen to come together to curate the perfect engagement ring. This is the final step wherein you walk into the store of your choice and discuss it with the vendor, deciding on the price, packaging and the date on which it will be delivered. People also add notes, letters and flowers to make it even more romantic.

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