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9 Steps to Cleaning Your Bathroom Rug

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9 Steps to Cleaning Your Bathroom Rug

Home decor means accessorizing and adornment of every room and corner. Like every other room in the house, bathrooms also need to be clean, tidy, and well maintained. Moreover, the floor needs to be dry as wet floors are slippery and dangerous. Rugs help keep the floor dry, clean, and maintained. Also, it gives your bathroom a classy and trendy look. But the rugs in the bathroom can quickly get dirty and are prone to getting wet and moldy. They also deserve some spa treatment in the laundry to be clean and fresh. Here we will guide you through the step-by-step process to keep your bathroom rugs clean, fresh, and dry.

Wash it Often

Bathroom rugs get damp quickly. These rugs need to be washed and dried regularly. Also, for a clean rug, wash it after every 3-4 weeks. These rugs require more care compared to others as they easily get mold. To save your rug from mold and humidity, let it dry when damp and clean it more often. The right time to wash your bathroom rug is when it’s dry. Bathroom rugs need special treatment as they get wet very often and are prone to mold growth. A normal washing machine will not work for such a rough-textured material, so pre-treatment with baking soda or oxi-clean followed by hand washing is required.

Tips To Clean A Bathroom Rug

Cleaning your rug right means getting rid of dirt and stains, not cleaning its color or pattern. The cleaning solution should be mild so that the colors do not fade away for a long time. Cleaning a rug is easy when you know the right products and methods. Always make sure that the rug is completely dry after every wash. A damp rug is more prone to get dirty quickly. Here are some tips for cleaning a rug:

Things you need

     Here is the list of some items you need while cleaning the process. 

  • Rug shampoo or mild liquid soap
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Gloves 
  • Water
  • Bucket or a big pot ( if you want to wash it by hand)
  • Rug conditioner
  • vacuum/ dryer

Remove all the dirt

The basic step to do is vacuum the rug to remove all the dust and dirt. It will make the cleaning process easy and quick. Brush it to remove hairs and other dirt particles. A strong magnet can also do this. A strong magnet can also do this. Attaching a brush to the vacuum cleaner can also help you to remove the dirt. It will help you to clean the corners of the rug easily.

Remove stains and spots.

For any food or liquid spills on your rug, wipe them off with a wet cloth as soon as possible. It will prevent the stain from settling into the fibers of your carpet. You can use warm water mixed up in some soap for this purpose. Spot cleaning the rug is important because it will prevent the stains from spreading all over your rug. This way, remove most of the dirt and grime long before you attempt to give it a proper, thorough cleaning.

Make A Mixture

Washing the rug with water and a mild soap is the next step in this process. Use shampoo or liquid soap that has no color to avoid any dye transfer on your bathroom floor. Mix it according to the instructions written on its bottle and add some warm water for better results. For washing purposes, make a mixture of shampoo with water in a bucket. Mix the right quantity of shampoo with water and make a mixture to soak the rug in it.

Washing a Rug

Soak the area rugs in the shampoo mixture for some time to make stains soft and easy to remove. Then take a brush and rub it slowly. Don’t rub it harshly, or you will end up spoiling the material. Washing it properly helps in better cleaning. If your rug is machine washable, you can put it in a machine and run the cycle. For washing purposes, use a hose or tap water to rinse the shampoo from its surface. After rinsing all of its parts with clean water, take another brush to remove dirt deep inside the rug’s fibers.

Rinse It

Once you are sure, all the dust and stains are removed. Rinse it with clear water. Ensure there is no shampoo left in the rug, or it will make the rug slippery and gross. Stop rinsing when the running water is crystal clear. Remove all the excess water. Use a squeegee for this purpose; it will make the water removal easy and quick. Make sure all the excess water has been removed. If you don’t want to use a squeegee, then using towels is also an option. If the label allows, you can also dry your rug in the sun.

Lay It Flat 

After removing all the excess water, lay it flat on a towel and let it air-dry for about an hour or so. If you want, you can put another towel over the bottom of the rug and then place heavy objects like books over that towel to ensure there is no water leakage. Use a hairdryer or heater for this process, but make sure it is on the lowest setting, and you keep moving around with the hairdryer to avoid scorching your rug.

Let it dry

Keep the rug in the sun or outside to make it dry fast. First, dry it on the top and then flip it to dry rug-back. Do it every hour until the entire rug is completely dry. To speed up this process, use a fan or hairdryer again (on low setting). 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

When drying the rug, make sure it is not in direct sunlight. The sun will make your rug become too dry and might cause damage to your carpet fibers (especially if they are wool or silk).

Vacuum the rug

Vacuuming a newly dried rug makes it fresh and softer. When you are sure that the rug is dry entirely, vacuum it or have a brush, brush the rug to revive the thread and fibers. 

Brush it again

Once the rug is dry, brush it with a stiff bristle brush to make the thread and fibers prominent again. Brushing after the dry process will not damage the rug as it is already dry.

In the End

The bathroom rug is one of the most used rugs in your house because it is mostly under constant pressure. Because you are walking on top of it, always remember to dry the rug properly and regularly avoid getting damaged by moisture or mildew. Cleaning the rug regularly, brushing it, and keeping it dry will prolong the life of your rug. It is also important to vacuum or brush out dirt regularly for a healthy environment. You can use this method on all types of rugs placed in high traffic areas like the bathroom, where they get dirty quite often. If you want to invest in a new rug, Visit RugKnots. They have an amazing rugs collection.

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