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8 Myths About Meditation You Need to Forget

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8 Myths About Meditation You Need to Forget

Meditation is the ancient yogic practice which helps you connect with the divine. It has been a part of the ancient Vedic traditions and Buddhist yogic practices. Meditation evolved into different styles like transcendental, mindfulness, and loving-kindness meditation among others.

Yet, there still exist a lot of myths surrounding this ancient yogic technique.

8 Myths About Meditation & The Truth

Yoga experts have decided to share with you the 8 common myths along with the truth.

1. Meditation is Religious Practice

As stated above, meditation is the ancient yogic practice. This came into being within religious contexts. Yet it helps you with spiritual growth. But, when it comes to the meditation practiced in the West, there is nothing religious about it.

In other words, you can practice meditation without the need to believe in any religion. It does not matter if you are a Christian or Muslim as it does not conflicts with your faith. The practice of meditation does not make you religious in the same way doing stretches does not make you a yogi.

2. You Have to Meditate in a Temple

For you to practice meditation, all you need is a place without any distractions. You should choose a clean and quiet room. Meditation is more about accepting the world as it is and focusing on your inner being. All you need to do is focus on the practice.

With time, it will not matter if you meditate on a bus, at workplace, or anywhere else. The certified yoga certification will teach you everything about this ancient yogic technique.

3. Meditation is Relaxation

Yes! Relaxation is one of the effects of daily meditation and also one of its conditions. Feeling relaxed helps you release all tension from the body and calms down your mind. Meditation offers you relaxation. Yet, you need to be attentive and ready for deeper introspection. Doing this helps you enter deeper state of consciousness.

Yoga experts recommend that you should try guided meditation to experience complete relaxation. There is nothing wrong with relaxation as it relieves stress. But, remember that meditation is much more than relaxation.

4. Meditation is About Calming the Mind

A calm mind is one small requirement of meditation and also a result of daily practice. But, you should not run after “calming the mind” as it never works this way. Doing so will only cause more frustration and stress.

At the same time, yoga experts recommend that you do not lose yourself thinking how you are doing it. Enroll in a certified yoga school to learn this ancient yogic technique.

5. Meditation is Hard

Having a flowery view or strong expectations of meditation never works. Meditation is not a workout, it is a process of unlocking your true self. Release all expectations, self-criticism, and comparison the moment they arise. In simple terms, meditation is a simple and wholesome process of self-discovery.

Meditation helps you unlock the true self and start a process of deep transformation. Do it with perseverance and increase the time-frame.

6. Meditation Requires a Quiet Mind

Saying this is the same as believing that – You need to be fit to go to the gym.

A calm mind is not a pre-requisite for meditation. So, never think that you cannot meditate with a restless mind. But, you should meditate if your mind is in a state of agitation. Sign up for a yoga certification to learn the yoga technique from the masters.

7. Meditation Requires a Lot Of Time

Take note of all the time you spend in front of the television, smartphone, or any other digital device. All you need to do is spend only 20% of your time in meditation and you are good to go.

Even those with a super-busy schedule find time to meditate, be it even for a few minutes. Once you begin this practice, you would find there is more time.

8. Meditation Makes Me Emotionless

No! On the flip side, daily meditation will free you of unnecessary feelings and emotions. You develop a better perspective. This yogic technique helps you become less reactive and in a good way. You develop an awareness of fleeting emotions and operate from a deeper place within.

Although meditation is ancient it offers some impressive health benefits. Sign up with a certified yoga school to learn and practice this ancient yogic technique.


Do you feel drained of all energy in the morning? Enroll in a registered yoga certification to learn the ancient yogic technique fo meditation under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers.

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