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7 Major Garage Door Panel Styles To Get In 2022 

7 Major Garage Door Panel Styles To Get In 2022 

When it comes to beautifying your garage, the door is essential. Apart from being a source of security, the garage door also plays a vital role in raising the value of your entire home. Foraging homes or dilapidated garages, your door can add to your exterior decor.  

Your garage is the first feel your friends will see when they come visiting. Garage doors also help to add a home improvement to your space. The quality of your garage can also help regulate the temperature of your home.  

Latest technologies like insulative garage doors help absorb heat during summer and cold during winter to ensure that your living space is always the right temperature. 

Garage door panels consist of three main directional options, vertical, horizontal, or herringbone, with the vertical and horizontal being the most popular styles.  

Door panels, also called slabs, can be referred to as the fundamental part of a door that swings back and forth. The panel is the central part of the door. Full door panels can be divided further into different segments providing various styles and designs to the door.  

Some doors can have about four or more horizontal panels joined together with hinges that allow the door to bend and follow a curved path as it opens and closes. 

Garage doors can come in different styles. You have the traditional style garage doors and modern or contemporary garage doors. We shall be taking a look at these styles in detail. 

Apart from the styles of the garage door panel, colors are another significant addition to the uniqueness of your garage space. You can take advantage of some garage door colors in vogue in 2022. They include white, rust, light gray, sage, dark gray, black, red, illuminating yellow.  

The two most important factors when considering garage doors are functionality and appearance. The door panel styles will provide options that will meet both designs. This article provides you with a complete guide to garage door panel styles. 

1. Single Panel Garage Door 

Before the advent of the current multi-dimensional panel garage doors, there was the traditional single panel garage. Single panel garage doors are made of single solid slabs that slide up and into the space above your car when they are open. They also occupy a similar amount of space as a sectional garage door but function very differently.  

Even though the single panel garage door is of ancient origin, it has some benefits that give it a modern appeal. First, it is cost-effective. They are considerably cheaper compared to the sectional garage doors. Secondly, the single panel garage door has a vintage appearance fit for older, mid-modern homes.  

Finally, they come with fewer parts and many design varieties, making them easy to maintain without compromising quality.  

2. Roll-Up or Raised Panel Garage Doors 

This style panel garage door is a contemporary panel that retains its traditional uniqueness. One of the most popular door panels, the raised panel gives your garage an elegant look and is sure to appeal to your guests. It comes in short or long raised panels that you can choose from, depending on the configuration of your garage door. 

3. Contemporary Garage Doors 

A contemporary garage door is all you need to match your modern home, especially if you have a custom home architecture. The contemporary garage door adds more curb appeal to your exterior than you ever imagined. It comes in wooden, aluminum, or glass design. If you desire a sleek and unique panel to enhance your modern home, go for this panel. 

4. Barn-style garage doors

These doors date back to ancient carriage houses for horses and drawn carriages, yet it combines new functionality with old aesthetics. Such doors come in single or double panels; they also give a fantastic appeal to your home.  

Originally made from wood, but has evolved to become an iconic feature in a modern home garage. 

5. Traditional Steel Panel Garage Doors 

If you are looking for a modern garage door that is budget-friendly and also has a touch of elegance, the steel garage door panel is it. The traditional steel garage door designs combine beauty with efficiency with affordable and cheap maintenance costs. When you add a window to allow natural light into your garage, your home will wear a unique style. 

 6. Sectional Panel Garage Doors 

Sectional garage door panels are popular and rank among the best contemporary and modern designs. They are made of panel sections that are connected with hinges. Wheels at the edge of the panel roll into a vertical track on each side of the door when it opens and closes. 

7. Tilt-Up Canopy-style Garage Door 

The tilt-up canopy garage door is another modern garage door design to look out for in 2022. Without sections sitting on one solid base, the tilt-up canopy style garage door can tilt up into the garage due to its pivoting hinge mechanism. This canopy-style door rests upward toward the garage’s ceiling and extends past the front of the house when the door opens.  


Garage doors can be summed up in two broad categories, traditional or single panel garage doors and contemporary or modern garage doors. The contemporary garage doors consist of all the modern door facilities.  

Not only does your garage door panel come with various levels of styles, but they also complement your exterior décor. Any options you choose will affect and make a statement to your home garage. 

We’ve presented you with various options to choose from – from the styles to the colors – your personal preference will determine the design you choose. Whether you are going for something cheap and affordable, or you are going for the iconic, custom-built garage door panel, we’ve got you covered.  

We hope that these seven options are the best you could choose from when it comes to major garage door panel styles in 2022.  

Good luck! 

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