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7 gifts to impress your crush on the first date

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7 gifts to impress your crush on the first date

Imagine you get to go out with the girl of your dreams who has been your friend for quite some time. You would generally be all excited about it and put out your best efforts to impress her. Now imagine turning up. empty-handed without a token to convey your feelings. Prevent Your very first date from tiring into a disaster. If you don’t want to live this golden chance then read out this brief list of gift-worthy articles for the first date.


Bring a small custom made luscious cake to your date. This will replace other overrated desserts and amaze your crush. Putting efforts to make the evening beautiful will help you gain bonus points in the field of courtesy. Plus you can bring the cake as a present to celebrate the belated occasion, her birthday or any achievement for example. Trust online cake store, they will take care of the unique design, delicious taste and timely delivery.


Flowers can bring a smile instantly. There is no specific age or gender for this gift. The versatile nature of flowers make them suitable for reddish, dates, anniversary or simply just like that. Bring your love interest beautiful fragrant flowers. If you are not sure of her choices go with pink or yellow roses, lavender, orchids or lilies.


Sweet treats wrapped in flashy foils is a nice gift to give especially if this is your first date. You are allowed to be shy down from being creative on the very first date itself. Play safe to avoid misinterpretation. An impressive box of chocolate will convey your good intention without highlighting excessive passion. Chocolate comes to the rescue to communicate sparks when eye contacts fail. Like online cake delivery, there are web gift shops that extend easy delivery for chocolates, candies and other eatables.


Books are a bear gift. The type of book you enjoy reflects your nature and character. Give your crush a part of yourself by gifting her your favourite book. If you are not yet there to experiment then grab the best selling novel, find a paper bag and gift her. Nothing can ever go wrong with books. If she is a bibliophile then this gesture of sure will surely win her heart on the first date itself. Even if she is not a bibliophile she will appreciate your effort in finding her meaningful gift.


Gift her a lock and key, the journal where she can pen down important dates or vent out her creative side. Journals come in various distinctive shapes, sizes and colours. You can even find shops that sell beautiful personalised journals. Journals are simple yet sophisticated gift items. Gift a fountain pen and inkpot to complete the gift set.


Jewels are every girl’s best friend. The doesn’t mean you need to empty your pocket to buy expensive stones and gems. There is a variety of casual jewellery made out of ordinary metal yet they have an extraordinary look. Floral jewellery with artefact clay flowers, pendant and earrings if dried flower petals, five glass rings, etc looks cute and will become your crush’s fashion pal for simple days. You just need to explore this market a bit to find out the perfect design for your girl.


Rare trinkets and antiques can be nice gifts. These trinkets can be bought from a flea market at an extremely reasonable price and they can instantly upgrade any corner of the house. However, you need to take off the size. Don’t startle her with a huge gift that is inconvenient to carry. Choose something small and delicate.

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