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6 ways to prevent sports injuries

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6 ways to prevent sports injuries

Playing sports today is usually a healthy sport. All physically fit, happy mind, can also be friends in a group of new friends playing football or it will be futsal, badminton, tennis up to different distance competitions for those who like to “knock rust” playing health games.

1. Cool yourself before you go

Stretching muscles and doing light exercise help to bleed. There are many athletes who are lazy to do basic exercises, including shoulder rotation, and flexion of the arms, hands, and legs. Many of them hit the treadmill right away. once seen as an example There are new runners running alongside other runners. before you start colic The heart beats faster and harder than usual. inability to control breathing

2. Wear sports equipment

no matter what sport the shoes you can wear are already designed to fit. Using shoes or other personal protective equipment, For example, elbow pads will help prevent injury. Wearing the wrong types of shoes can withstand pain, slow walking, and bruising, heel spurs, other chronic pains without proper treatment See a doctor only if the symptoms are severe, so wearing the right equipment can help reduce injuries.

3. The ‘body’ must be ready.

Check yourself first to see if you have a good rest today or not. Some people sleep a few hours a night and get up early to go to work. In the evening, wear sports clothes that he immediately used to enter the field. Most people think they are strong. Doing this every day will greatly increase your body fatigue. There may be a knock on the air without my knowledge. If you feel tired Stop exercising first, do not force, it is better.

4. Understand ‘skills’

Be it basketball or soccer Most people are not careful about being hit by an opponent’s elbow, broken leg or broken bridge, broken teeth, or poor sense of play. Exercise, training, and physical strength will greatly reduce injuries.

5. Do not pass

People who have one or more congenital defects Whether it is diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, or heart disease, can play sports as a healthy person. Don’t just pass it on. They should know the basics of their own assessment of the initial situation.

6. Cooldown

After playing https://ufabet.cam/ sports You should move your body for a while and walk. so that the leg muscles can relieve fatigue Especially the lactic acid in the traps is the main cause, causing aches and pains to disappear gradually after the oxygen in the blood comes to eat again, helping to reduce muscle pain. The increased heart rate returned to normal. Blood pressure flows in different directions. the body is normal again. The swinging technique can be done in such a way that you have to carry the ball using your feet and you can control the speed of the ball.

Kicking technique

As you can see in the football games, most of the game is dominated by the act of kicking the ball. So the next step in football is the way to fight or quarrel. You can use three methods to make this ball using the outer leg, inner leg, and back foot. You can practice these techniques by focusing your focus on your goal and fitness. You can then place one of your right legs or your left foot next to the ball. And finally, you slide your feet into a ball and focus your strength on your feet and on the side of the site you were aiming for.

Psa and Ball Technique

The method used by a football player to pass the ball to a friend is the pass method, while the pass method is the method of passing the ball to his teammates. Passing on the ball receiver should be controlled by the footballer and there are three modes for this technique, using the outer foot, inner leg, and instep.

You can make a way to pass the way you have to put your body facing the ball first and then look at the direction of the players later you will pass the ball and then pull in time. The same goes around your foot, where you kick the ball towards another player. The power at your feet should be adjusted to match the number of players you pass.

Ball handling techniques After learning how to pass or pass the ball, you m

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