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6 Best Cooking Games Everyone Love to Play 

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6 Best Cooking Games Everyone Love to Play 

The existence of cooking games has specific reasons. Yes, you might think that kids love to imitate what they see every day at home. While this fact holds true, sometimes the simple dicing and slicing ingredients can be very stress-relieving and satisfying for adults too. So, you understand why it has become a popular genre of mobile games. As a result of which, quite a number of mobile gaming developers have decided to show their expertise in their field to spoil you with extensive choices. Therefore, sometimes it can get a bit confusing to choose from the vast array of cooking games. To make things easier for you, here is a compiled list of top chef cooking games:

But before jumping to the actual list, here is a brief idea about cooking games. Did you know about life simulation games that let anyone break out from their real lives and enter into different lives? Cooking games use the same concept along with the approach of strategy games. 

Now that you have a better understanding of what a cooking game can mean, here are some handpicked cooking games for you to give a try:

1. Cafeteria Nipponika

Don’t get fooled by the old-school pixel art. Cafeteria Nipponika can turn out an extremely fun-to-play game for you once you get the taste. The game lets the player experience everything that comes with managing a restaurant. 

This game can make you feel like a real chef and restaurateur. As a cook, you can pick top-notch ingredients and research recipes to create extravagant dishes. While playing as the manager, you can decorate your restaurant in your own style. Shop for furniture, decorations, and flooring materials to create any kind of decor you want. Host fun events like cooking classes and eating contests to promote the business. 

2. Cooking Fever

Most cooking simulation games focus on the business side quite intricately. If you’re looking for something that also focuses on cooking, Cooking Fever is one of the top chef cooking games here. 

Cooking Fever deals with serving food combinations with a racing clock. Here, you can choose your set of kitchen appliances and restaurant decorations. To boost your eatery business, you can make freebies like cookies and cupcakes. 

Although Cooking Fever can get a bit complicated and difficult to play for some, it is very enjoyable. 

3. Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game

This mobile cooking game is filled with alluring graphics and colorful art which is quite appealing. Along with the appetizing food art, Cooking Craze offers simple cooking mechanics which makes it a delight for casual gamers. The game is about delivering meal combos to incoming customers. Prepare various unique cuisines and bake different pastries in this simulation game. Or if you want to expand your business and learn more recipes, go to the mechanic. Cooking Craze has kitchen tournaments, quests, and level advancements to keep your going. 

A reminder: The game will get difficult as you progress. If you like challenging games, it’ll be a fun one to play. 

4. Cooking City

Cooking City is one of the top chef cooking games that is focused solely on food preparation. In the game, your main goal is to complete food combos within a given time. By playing it, one can get adept at multitasking and learn time management. To satisfy customers, you have to prepare the food perfectly within the time limit. The more satisfied a customer is, the more profit you’ll gain. 

Cooking City is certainly simpler than its peers because the restaurant management is absent in it, which makes it simple and fun to play. 

5. Star Chef 

As the name suggests, Star Chef is one of the top chef cooking games playable on mobile. The game includes cooking and restaurant management. It is a simulation of a 5-star café and restaurant in which you can cook with high-profile chefs hailing from diverse nationalities. Create exotic and impressive dishes and fulfill customer orders to sharpen your skills and add distinction to your business in the game. 

In the restaurant management segment, you have to manage staff, upgrade cooking appliances, decorate the interior, and farm food. There’s also a unique drive-through feature added in this game. Star Chef can be played online and connected on social media platforms like Facebook. Link your facebook account with the game so that you can visit your friend’s restaurants to send gifts and vice versa. 

6. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? But do you have enough love for it to take time out from your schedule to play a silly game about pizza? If yes, Good Pizza, Great Pizza might be of interest to you. 

Quite predictably, in this game, there is no other variation of food – just like dedicated pizza joints. Just think about it: grating cheese, choosing the favorite ingredients could be very relaxing and satisfying. In the game, you have to rank up to ultimately become the shop owner. Once you do, you can expand your new restaurant chain over the world. 

In the gameplay, there is a time limit on the preparation of pizza. Use the earned profits to expand your pizza empire. You can purchase equipment upgrades for the shop and ingredients to make experimental and innovative pizza recipes.

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