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5 Tips to Prevent Medical Misdiagnosis

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5 Tips to Prevent Medical Misdiagnosis

Diagnosis, a common word most of us are familiar with, is critically important when it comes to the treatment of diseases. Treatment of every disease begins with the right diagnosis. Before a proper diagnosis, it becomes impossible to diagnose and treat any problem.

Why is Right Diagnosis Important?

Whenever someone visits a physician who performs some preliminary testing alongside some other tests that helps to make an informed decision regarding problem diagnosis. The importance of a medical diagnosis is evident from the fact that without a right diagnosis it is impossible to treat a disease.

However, when it comes to the right diagnosis many factors determine the outcomes. Just like the right diagnosis is also quite common and problematic. Medical misdiagnosis is pretty common.

A paradigm shift in healthcare facilities provision and the emergence of digital healthcare service providers such as Healthwire.pk things have quite changed. You can get virtual visits and consult the best physicians anywhere. Not only this but digital healthcare saves you a great deal of time and money. 

Though digital healthcare comes as a personal choice, it is an emerging trend. No matter what type of healthcare services you choose, there are certain challenges that come naturally. Medical misdiagnosis is one such challenge!

.How to Prevent Medical Misdiagnosis?

Medical malpractice for misdiagnosis isn’t only harmful but can cost a patient’s lives if not deterred. Now the question arises of what can be done to minimize the chances of medical misdiagnosis. 

To ensure a proper diagnosis, effort from both patient and physician end is required to help. Here are the tips that can help to deter the chances of medical misdiagnosis.

1- Ask questions again and again

The more you explain things to your doctor better he will be able to understand your health condition and make the diagnosis. Make sure you don’t miss out on any detail while talking to your physician so he could get the exact idea about your health condition and diagnose you right for the disease you are suffering from.

Many of the disease signs and symptoms overlap that can increase your chances of medical misdiagnosis, so don’t miss any sign or symptom for a right diagnosis.

2- Be more patient-oriented

The patient and physician relationship is of utmost importance. Both play an important role when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. However, a doctor’s diagnosis depends upon the observations and current condition of the patient. So, in order to improve the provision of healthcare facilities, it is recommended for physicians to have a patient-oriented approach.

When patients stand at the centre, patient’s preferences are kept on priority. Moreover, patients can help physicians to make informed decisions regarding their health improving healthcare facilities in general.

3- Ensure that your doctor isn’t interrupted

The quicker a diagnosis, the more likely it is to be a misdiagnosis. So, ensure that your doctor peacefully listens to you while you are talking about your symptoms to make the right diagnosis. Don’t interrupt your doctor when he is listening to you and thoroughly elaborate on what you are experiencing and what it appears like.

4- Don’t forget to get the second opinion

Whenever it comes to the disease diagnosis, you can’t deny the importance of a second opinion. Consulting one physician can increase your chances of medical misdiagnosis. However, if you are suspicious about the doctor’s diagnosis, it is better to take a second opinion to eradicate the chances of misdiagnosis.

5- Don’t forget your family’s medical history and always discuss it with the doctor

Every disease is different from others. While talking about the risk factor of diseases, your genetics is an important one that can’t be denied. No matter how much you try, you can’t do much about the genetic factor of diseases.

Knowing about the family history of certain diseases can surely help your physician to diagnose them. So, whenever talking to your physician about your signs and symptoms don’t forget to discuss your genetics. This not only saves time but also helps to make the right diagnosis.

Bottom Line!

Disease misdiagnosis is a pretty common phenomenon that can be quite harmful to a patient’s health. However, this disease misdiagnosis is quite preventable and required effort from both patient and physician’s end.

Make sure whenever you visit your physician, you don’t miss out on any sign or symptom and take enough time to explain the problem to your physician. These practices alongside getting a second opinion over a single time diagnosis can save you from a lot of financial and mental burdens.

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