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5 Best Calendar Apps to Stay Organized

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5 Best Calendar Apps to Stay Organized

The calendar app on your smartphone has long ceased to be just a place to see the current date and day of the week. But a calendar is, first of all, a task planner, to-do list, appointment schedule, and a reminder of important dates. 

For example, let’s say you’re going on an exciting cross-country road trip in England and want to book a 9 seater car hire Manchester. Everyone knows that it’s best to hire a car a few weeks before. This way you get a better price and a wider range of vehicles. However, how not forget to book a hire car? The calendar app on your smartphone will remind you of what you need to do. 

There are many more situations where you need a calendar, so having a great and reliable app on your smartphone is the golden rule. Today you will find many calendar apps on Google Play. Here are a few of the most popular and useful ones.


This is a very convenient calendar that allows you to view not only current affairs but also planned ones on the main screen. DigiCal combines a simple interface and a convenient settings system. Also, you can change the color scheme, fonts, customize the display of the weather forecast and choose one of 7 themes. 

The application sorts tasks by day, week, and month, and makes it possible to switch between default calendars using the side menu. The calendar is free, although it starts showing ads after the 7-day trial period ends. By purchasing the paid version, you will get rid of ads, and get a lot of additional features as well. These include desktop widgets, customization of fonts and repetitive tasks, a 14-day weather forecast, and a map of the year with the most and least busy periods. 

DigiCal benefits:

  • Simple interface 
  • Lots of settings 
  • Desktop widgets 
  • Configuring notifications 
  • Built-in weather forecast 
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Google Calendar 

The calendar from Google is clear and simple. The app works on almost any device, including iOS gadgets, syncs with your Google account, and integrates with Google Assistant. The calendar pulls events from Gmail and stores all information in the cloud storage. Thus, you get access to it from any device linked to a single Google account. 

Also, the application automatically binds a thematic picture to the event, which greatly simplifies the search process. Another feature of Google Calendar is the “Goals” section. The application suggests goals (for example, go in for sports or learn new things), and when you select one of them, it finds time in the schedule to complete it. 

Google Calendar benefits:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface 
  • Event reminder 
  • Synchronization with other calendars 
  • No ads 
  • Quick search
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Firstly, the application has a clear, intuitive interface, and secondly, it has enough options and settings even in the free version. Another undoubted advantage of Any.Do is the creation of reminders, synchronization of the task list between several devices, and voice input to form a new task. 

Unlike other solutions, Any.Do makes it easy to attach photos, videos, images, and similar additional materials to the task. 

Any.Do benefits:

  • Simple interface 
  • Convenient switching between task lists 
  • Voice input
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Many people mistakenly think that Outlook is a regular email client that doesn’t have some cool features. In fact, it has a built-in calendar with a rich set of features. 

Outlook is an all-in-one email and calendar solution. Interestingly, this is almost the only great option that you can use not only on Android but also on Windows, macOS, and iOS. Outlook separates calendar tasks by day, week, and month. There’s a fairly advanced search that finds immediately both by e-mail and by records in the ‘Appointments’ and ‘Tasks’ sections. 

Of course, Microsoft didn’t forget about its proprietary services. That is why you can specify a Skype call when creating a new case, and then make this call directly from the application. 

Outlook benefits:

  • A perfect combination of email service and calendar 
  • Convenient sorting of cases 
  • The fast and easy search process
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CloudCal is a handy multi-optional calendar that shows you which days of the month are busy and which are not. It displays the next 30 days on the main screen and everything you’ve planned for this period. The calendar is suitable for quick and serious planning of affairs and appointments. You need only one glance to see the entire tasklist and schedule a new event. 

Another cool feature of CloudCal is the monthly navigation with the volume button. Pushing up will take you back one month while pushing down will send you one month ahead. The program has many options for displaying tasks, which can be switched by swiping left and right. 

In addition to the monthly overview, there’re visual daily and weekly task lists. Tight integration with third-party services will delight you as well. CloudCal can easily show Trello cases. At the same time, it will be possible to link Evernote, Eventbrite, and Meetup to it.

CloudCal benefits:

  • A simple grid of tasks by day, week, and month 
  • Quick control with the volume key 
  • Integration with other useful services
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