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17 great front yard landscaping ideas

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17 great front yard landscaping ideas

Your front yard is a great place to start your home’s exterior design. It can be the first impression for visitors and guests, so it should look as nice as the rest of your home. The right landscaping ideas can make or break how people view your entire house. If you’re looking for some inspiration, consider these 17 great front yard landscaping ideas for your home:

1. Add a variety of plants to create an interesting landscape.

Adding a variety of different plants to your front yard can help you create interest. You don’t have to grow every plant possible but get at least 6-8 kinds so they will play nicely together. Distribute them throughout the design so it doesn’t look too uniform. Also, consider hosting some perennials so you won’t have to worry about deadheading them every few weeks.  If you want to plant pothos in your garden, get best soil for pothos for its growth and health.

2. Add seating areas 

Add some chairs or benches near enough to a flower bed so you can enjoy the plants. You can create a seating area near your front door or closer to the sidewalk so you’ll have somewhere to sit when you’re out working in your flower bed.

3. Add a walkway for easy movement

Adding a walkway will allow you to easily move from your driveway to your front door. This is important during the winter when it’s colder, but is also nice in the summer when you want to avoid getting grass clippings on your clothes. It will also keep your house from getting dirty as guests approach the front door. It’s a great idea for any yard but is especially useful in front yards with plenty of landscaping to obstruct a straight path to the home’s entrance.

4. Make sure lawn remains accessible

Your lawn should remain accessible in front yards even when other flowers and plants are blooming. You don’t want to have to constantly mow around your garden bed or it will look too busy. If you’re looking for a different kind of landscaping idea, consider using mulch instead of grass in certain areas.

5. Plant low-maintenance bushes 

Bushes are great front yard landscaping ideas. They can help create a sense of privacy as well as add color to your yard. Just be sure to plant bushes that won’t require too much maintenance, such as lavender or junipers.

6. Add a porch swing or other outdoor seating.

Adding an outdoor seat like a porch swing will give you something to look at as well as somewhere to relax. You can also consider adding a gazebo, pergola, or even a shed for extra storage and/or sitting space.

7. Add a water feature like a bird bath, fountain, or small pond.

Water fountains and ponds can be very nice front yard landscaping ideas as long as they don’t take up too much space. You could even consider adding a bird bath if you don’t want to make such a big commitment. These features will add color to your yard while also creating a relaxing atmosphere.

8. Don’t forget to add edging around your flower beds and lawn .

Adding a nice border will make your landscaping ideas look even better. Use stones, bricks, or pavers to create the borders and you’ll be sure to impress everyone who visits your home. You can also use these materials for walkways and other paths.

9. Include flowering vines

If you want your landscaping ideas for front yards to stand out, consider using climbing plants like clematis or morning glory that will grow upwards instead of across the ground. You can also try growing roses if you’re looking for a more traditional kind of gardening idea.

10. Use furniture and décor in your yard to create a sense of style .

Adorning your yard with comfortable outdoor furniture and decorative items will give it a nice personal touch and make you want to spend time there outside of just mowing the lawn or tending to other plants. When choosing furniture, consider an outdoor sectional sofa or recliners with side tables. You could also use a dining table and chairs if you want to be able to eat outside without getting too cold in the wintertime.

11. Use mulch instead of grass in some areas for a different kind of look

Using mulch as your main front yard landscaping idea can be a great way to transform your yard. It’s lower maintenance than grass and has many other benefits as well. In addition, it offers an attractive appearance that will look great year-round.

12. Add outdoor games like corn hole for more fun

When you’re looking for front yard landscaping ideas, you can’t go wrong with adding an outdoor game to your yard. Even if you don’t have kids or guests coming over, it’s nice to have something different to do in your backyard other than just sitting around and enjoying the scenery.

13. Choose flowers that are tough enough to be in full sun all day long

When choosing flowers for your landscaping ideas, you’ll want to go with something that can tolerate the harsh conditions of being in full sun. Rock roses are a popular choice because they can survive extreme heat and drought. You could also consider bright colored flowers like yellow daisies or purple coneflowers.

14. Use rocks around the base of your plants for a unique look.

If you want to add a unique touch to your garden, consider using rocks as ground cover around the base of your flowers and other plants. The rocks will help retain moisture, prevent weeds from growing, and look nice as well. If you’re going with a rock garden design, you’ll want to choose larger rocks that the plants can climb on for a more impressive look.

15. Use pebbles, stones to create an interesting walkway.

Installing a walkway that is made from different substances like pebbles, stones instead of just plain old grass or mulch can create a nice focal point in your yard. You could also try making the walkway curvy for an interesting effect. If you want to be able to stand out from everyone else, this is one of the best landscaping ideas you could go with.

16. Hardscaping

If you’re looking for landscaping ideas that will create a focal point, then creating a hardscape might be right for you. You could even do both by adding some decorative plants along with your Hardscaping to create an entire landscape design all in one. Using natural stones and patios is always a good choice for this.

17. Add an outdoor fireplace to your yard for a warm ambiance.

Having an outdoor fireplace is one of the best ways you can add some warmth and coziness to your yard no matter what time of year it is. You can make sure that everyone feels comfortable spending time outside this way, or you could even use it as your main backyard landscaping idea.


Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple front yard landscaping idea or an elaborate plan that will take months to implement, we’ve got the perfect solution. With these great ideas in mind, all your home’s exterior needs will be met without much effort on your part. Which of these tips has been most helpful when it comes to making your landscape more user-friendly? Comment Below.

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