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15 Incredible Tips To Take Study Notes Smartly

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15 Incredible Tips To Take Study Notes Smartly

Trying to capture every word your instructor speaks can be very overwhelming – and we understand the struggle! Note-taking is a skill that comes in handy in every walk of academic life, be it school, college, or university. Sadly, not every student has this skill under their belt.

But no worries, we are here, to share some mind-blowing note-taking tricks to make your study easier and assignments organized. A few students take assignment assistance from the professionals just because they failed to make notes. If you wish to save yourself from such situations, implement the below-mentioned tips to be a successful note-taker.

Record Important Information Only

The sole purpose of notes or pointers is to pen down important information only. There is no need to write every word your professor says. Listen, understand, and pen down information in a concise manner so you do not lose the thread. In this way, you will have significant pointers in the end, without missing out on important information. 

Use Symbols/Abbreviations

Lectures can be thick and fast! To cope with that, it is recommended to have your set of abbreviations, keys, or symbols. Apply these shorthands to write more in a lesser time. Skip writing complete-length sentences. For instance, you can write “b/c” instead of “because”, or “w/” rather than “with”. It is the quickest way to make pointers for your course. 

Be A Good Listener

It is very easy to get distracted by a silly joke cracked by your friend during the lecture. Staying attentive towards the lecture is important. Repeat back in your head what you heard. Stay concentrated and focus on your professor. It is suggested to sit on the front row, so you do not lose the track being afraid of your instructor. 

Don’t be A Grammar/Spelling Nazi

The goal is to collect an important piece of information for yourself, instead of being a perfectionist. Wasting time while correcting spelling, and grammar is not a wise move during lectures (as long as the pointers make sense to you). Focusing on achieving perfection in the vocabulary will certainly make you lose track. 

Use Colors

Using colors while making notes has proved to be highly effective! It adds more to the clarification and becomes very useful while you are revising for a test or exam. Different colors can be used to identify different themes and approaches. Also, colors have a significant impact on memory too. The involvement of colors leaves a long impression on the writer’s mind. 

Revise Notes

Revise. Revise. Revise. This puts a mark on the memory of students’ minds and they are enabled to remember their lecture for a longer time. This keeps the information alive in the mind, for a prolonged period. It is also advised by dissertation help providers to re-write the notes neatly, depending on how you wish to use them further. 

Stay Consistent

The key to achieving a good set of pointers is staying consistent throughout the entire lecture. Recording pointers at the beginning of the lecture and later forgetting about them is not how it works. Assure that you are motivated throughout the entire time, and pen down important information till the last minute. Quality information can be delivered by the lecturer at any slot, so be concentrated.

Make Your Handwriting Readable

Just like having a perfect vocabulary in your notes is not essential, likewise, having good handwriting is not significant. However, it is important that your handwriting is readable. Take out some time from your routine and practice your handwriting. Write clearly, in a readable font. 

Add Pictures

Pictorial studying is a highly efficacious form of learning method. And when visuals are added to notes, they skyrocket the value. You really do not have to be a Picasso for adding visuals. But whatever is explained to you can be bottled up in a form of a picture, so you can learn from examples when you have to. 

Map Your Concepts

Time to add some arrows! The best trick of preparing outstanding pointers is to use map the concepts method. For example, you need to pen down some steps. Write a heading → step 1 → step 2 → step 3 → step 4 and so on. It saves space and time simultaneously! 


During lectures, professors tend to leave some hints regarding important topics that would be coming in your exam. You can double tick them or put the star on the concept. You may establish any other sign or symbol to recognize that this concept or chapter needs to be mastered. 

Use Your Own Voice

No one else can understand you better than yourself! And this exactly applies during notes-making. It is a great idea to make your notes in your own tone, and record your expressions. Your notes are for the purpose to help YOU understand the concepts. And using your own voice will surely serve the purpose. 

Prepare Beforehand

Being one step ahead of your peers can be very helpful. Generally, professors supply material before the class via online portals. If you are very considerate about making pointers, you can use the online material, and write down questions. By the end of the lecture, the questions must have been answered. 

Extra Material

Worksheets or any other form of extra material provided by your instructor during the lecture should never be wasted. They hold the traces of what can come in your final exam! Tape them in your notebook and consider them as an important part of your notes. 


A few students might find it basic, while it is not. Having all lectures recorded date wisely, in your notepad keeps you organized and at peace. If any date is missing in between, you can immediately get alerted and can inquire from your classmates about the lecture. Also, with the help of dates, you can sync your notes with the concept you learned that day. 

Winding Up

The key to achieve success in any walk of life is to be “organized”. And this exactly what notes does. Applying these amazing tips while making notes will bring a measureable difference to your pointers and make your study more bearable. Studying is undoubtedly an insurmountable task. But with the help of these tips, we are surely, you will have a perfect study session.

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