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12 Comic Shows That Are Fun To Watch

12 Comic Shows That Are Fun To Watch

The best comedy shows are the perfect recipe to find an escape from our daily stressful lives. There are a lot of TV shows you can watch after 30 to relax and have fun. Shows like Friends and Scrubs are the perfect way to spend a quiet evening on your TV.

The best thing about comic shows is that it makes people laugh and helps them forget about their busy and stressful lives.

In present times, there are a lot of TV comedy shows and soaps that people can watch to find an escape from their everyday lives. Here, we share with you the best comedy TV shows that are fun to watch even after 30!

Modern Family

Modern Family is perhaps the most comic show on this list. It has won five Emmys for being an outstanding series for people of all ages.


Friends is an all-time favorite show that people of all ages can relate to. It showcases the lives of 6 friends in the US.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is another all-time favorite that follows the lives of four nerdy scientists. It showcases their whims, eccentricities, and chronicles with women.


Scrubs is a goofy medical comedy that showcases heights of lunacy with cartoonish fantasy. The humor in this show is often mistaken for heartlessness, but this one will surely wring your emotions.

2 Broke Girls

Explore Manhattan with 2 broke girls who work as a waitress and have the dream of opening up their own dessert bar one day.

Two And A Half Men

Things take a funny turn when Alan and his son Jake come to live with his older brother Charlie at his beach house. This show is simply hilarious!

The Office

The Office is an adapted version of a popular British sitcom that is considered to be a mockumentary. It documents the day-to-day lives of some office employees in Pennsylvania.

How I Met Your Mother

This American sitcom follows the life of the protagonist i.e., Ted Mosby, as well as his group of friends in Manhattan. This is one romantic comedy that you absolutely cannot miss!

New Girl

For those of you who are fond of the more subtle version of comedy, New Girl is for you! From its “Hey Girl” theme song to funny characters, it has it all!


This British comedy sitcom has two seasons and showcases a man who has quit his day job in order to pursue fortune and fame in the movie business.


If you wish to watch a group of students with diverse temperaments with memorable and quirky encounters and an unmatchable script, then Community has been created just for you!


Finally, Transparent is another comedy show that people over 30 can enjoy. It has won several awards, and it follows a dysfunctional family whose secrets are exposed one after another.

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And there you go! These are the best TV shows that you can watch even if you are 30 or 40. Irrespective of your age, these fun-to-watch comic shows will definitely tickle your funny bone and will have you laughing in no time.



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